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Our Mission

Legal representation through volunteer attorneys.

How Can We Help?

Dissolution of Marriage

Our attorneys can help you file your divorce and get your decree.

Child Custody

We can help you legally with child visitation and custody rights.

Landlord Tenant Assistance

Facing an eviction? Have us help you with your tenant rights.

Civil Protection Orders

Keep your space with a protection order: permanent or temporary options.

Who We Are

The Pro Bono Project, in partnership with the legal community, provides access to legal services and education for Mesa County residents.  Our volunteer attorneys assist with a full range of civil legal problems including domestic violence, family law, and landlord tenant and consumer law issues.  If you need help obtaining a protection order, please call 970-424-5748 to set up an appointment.  There are no income eligibility requirements for protection order assistance for victims of domestic violence.

If you qualify for our services, we will attempt​ to place your case with a pro bono attorney, or schedule you for attendance at one of our clinics.  Our clinics are designed to assist you with proper forms and advice on how to proceed with your legal issue on your own.

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“The attorney was awesome, easy to understand and answered all my questions. The forms were explained thoroughly and the attorney was very knowledgeable.”

Happy Client

“The clinic was very helpful. It took the stress out of trying to figure out my divorce on my own.”

Another Happy Client

“The Pro Bono Project clinic was a wonderful resource for people who aren’t sure what to do or how to do it.”

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